Sunday, December 7, 2008

The pedalboard for the Electric CD

Pedal board used on "Gossip" Electric CD
Here's my pedalboard and the one used for the Electric CD.
The sub-expression pedal is for the Eventide Mod Factor [top left], and the Boss F5-SU is a dedicated tap tempo button for the Eventide Time Factor [center of the board].  That is by far the best delay I've ever used! I do like the TC Electronic Nova Delay [right next to the Time Factor], but the Eventide is better.  The gold footpedal [bottom left] goes to the Bogner Shiva amp.

signal chain:
Ernie Ball volume pedal - Petersen Strobe Tuner - Fulltone Clyde Deluxe - Fulltone ultimate octave - Fulltone Full Drive - Fulltone OCD - Xotic effect AC Booster - Keeley Compressor - Fulltone Fat Boost2 - Fulltone deja vibe - Fulltone supa-trem - TC Nova Delay - Eventide Time Factor - Eventide Modfactor - to amp(s).  Wired with George L cables. 

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