Sunday, December 7, 2008

the dedicated Electric Slide Guitar

used on "Midnight Kisses" (Electric CD)
This is a mutt-guitar I picked up from Guitar Center for $150.  raised the action as high as I could, but some Baritone gauge strings on it and it sounds great.  This is the guitar used on Midnight Kisses [electric CD obviously].

The pedalboard for the Electric CD

Pedal board used on "Gossip" Electric CD
Here's my pedalboard and the one used for the Electric CD.
The sub-expression pedal is for the Eventide Mod Factor [top left], and the Boss F5-SU is a dedicated tap tempo button for the Eventide Time Factor [center of the board].  That is by far the best delay I've ever used! I do like the TC Electronic Nova Delay [right next to the Time Factor], but the Eventide is better.  The gold footpedal [bottom left] goes to the Bogner Shiva amp.

signal chain:
Ernie Ball volume pedal - Petersen Strobe Tuner - Fulltone Clyde Deluxe - Fulltone ultimate octave - Fulltone Full Drive - Fulltone OCD - Xotic effect AC Booster - Keeley Compressor - Fulltone Fat Boost2 - Fulltone deja vibe - Fulltone supa-trem - TC Nova Delay - Eventide Time Factor - Eventide Modfactor - to amp(s).  Wired with George L cables. 

the reason for Angelyne...
I've been asked lately: "who is Angelyne? Why write a song about her? is she real?"

the proof lies above.  I can't tell you how many times I was forced to look at this sign crawling along in traffic on Sunset Blvd.  note the phone number on the bottom left of the sign...hmmm..

here's a brief bio lifted  from Wikipedia:

Angelyne drives a pink Corvette which bears the shortened name "ANGLYNE" on its license plate, and has a pink maltese named Buddha.[1]
She began to gain local attention in the early 1980s when a series of
billboards popped up around the city featuring her in various poses.[1] Around this time, she made her first appearance on national television as a guest on the late night talk show Thicke of the Night hosted by Alan Thicke, and featuring a young Arsenio Hall.

Although it has been claimed that billboard companies or a wealthy
husband pays for her billboards, Angelyne, who is single, credits
"investors" for financing the outdoor advertising.[1]Barbie, stating that "Kids think I'm a Barbie doll"[1] and, in one billboard, "Barbie wishes she were me."[2] Angelyne has not given her age or birthdate in interviews, although the IMDB lists 1958 (in Idaho) without providing a source.
Angelyne compares herself to

and here is my favorite one...ahh Los Angeles...

Angelyne was one of the candidates in the 2003 California recall election, finishing 28th in a field of 135 candidates (garnering 2,533 votes).[1] Her slogan during the campaign was "We’ve had Gray, we’ve had Brown, now it’s time for some blond and pink."[1] She was also a candidate for Hollywood city council in 2002 if it were to secede from Los Angeles.

here's the lyrics to "Angelyne"

Verse 1
Because you've got a new pink corvette 
You tooling all around sunset
Like a renegade concubine with a
Big blonde bee-hive in overdrive

I can't believe 
I can't even conceive 
Of a billboard queen 
In the driver's seat..

Verse 2
Because you barely fit inside a corset
You’re every sugar daddy's luncheonette
You feed them poses and do a routine like those
Glossy centerfolds in my closet magazines

Oh, come clean, Angelyne
You’re just a another wanna-be porn queen
With those Egyptian eyes
And your air-brushed thighs


Verse 3
Never judge a cover by its book
But the pages on the inside can be overlooked
You're like a cartoon but too obscene
You'd make Malibu Barbie blush at the knees

Oh come clean
And let reality intervene
You’re just a billboard queen in the driver's seat
With those Egyptian eyes
And those air-brushed thighs
There you go again
Your name is up in lights...

Words and Music by Bryan Clark
© 2007 Rainfeather Music ASCAP